Planning Reports & Energy Statements

Throughout the United Kingdom certain local authorities request an Energy Statement to be provided with planning applications. The Report/Energy Statement shows the local authority and the developer how the development will comply with and meet the planning policy requirements set depending on each local authority.

The Report will normally contain a reduction in CO2 emissions above building regulations and/or renewable energy targets through on-site energy generation, orientation, cycle storage, waste recycling and use of materials.

SAP calculations/SBEM calculations will be required to produce an accurate document.

London Plan

The Mayor of London has issued a series of targets to help with the current climate emergency. The aim is for London to be net zero-carbon which means that every new structure must be carbon neutral. The goals and measures necessary to do this set out in the Mayor's London Plan are as follows:

  1. A net zero-carbon target for all major developments.
  2. A requirement for all major developments to “be seen”, meaning the energy performance post-construction must be monitored and reported to ensure that the carbon performance of the development is aligned with the targets set.
  3. A requirement for all referable planning applications to calculate and reduce whole life-cycle carbon emissions to fully capture a development's carbon impact.

Energy Statements are completed to demonstrate that a building's design takes climate change mitigation measures into account and ensure that the building is in accordance with the London Plan energy policies. The statement must clearly outline the applicant's commitments in terms of CO2 savings and measures proposed to reduce energy demand.

London Plan have created an “Energy Hierarchy” which major developments are expected to follow to achieve net zero-carbon.

London Planning

It is important to note that each application is considered on its own merit. This means that the individual characteristics of the development are taken into account. Also, if a development is unable to be 100% carbon neutral, a Carbon Offset Payment may be allowed, although not desired by the Greater London Authority.

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